I was raised mostly in Wyoming. We traveled quite a bit.

Being raised on a guide ranch introduced me to gaited horses and firearms.

Having a dad who was an artist and a mom who was a tailor introduced me to design.

I have been working in the gaited horse industry for over 30 years. I have been a judge, clinician, competitor, 4 H leader,  OHSET coach and trail rider.

A little about me.

My job was an art instructor for a number of years. 

As my horse business grew and I traveled more I gave up my studio for a

dually and a horse trailer. 

An artist needs a venue to let out their creativity. I started "Jewels by Gina G".

As the brass started piling up around me from my love of shooting...

"Glammo Ammo"

was born. 

When I decided to not travel as much with my horse business I had time to do things I enjoyed.

One of those was shooting. I started looking for ladies to shoot with as a social activity. I did not find many  who liked to shoot as much as I did until I was introduced to The Well Armed Woman  group.

I am now a TWAW  leader. We have two chapters in the area.

I am the coordinator for Izaak Walton League Ladies of Eugene, Or.

I am also an NRA instructor.

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