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"The first time I met Gina was as a spectator at one of her clinics held in Corvallis, OR. I was very impressed with her and her training methods. I was able to talk with her and she talked with me as if I was a long time friend. I found out where the next clinic was going to be and I took my four year old KMSH filly “Whisper”. I had never hauled my horse anywhere before and was pretty nervous when I arrived at the arena. Gina calmed me down and told me to go get my horse! It only took a few minutes for Gina to spot my and Whispers problem, “Green on Green”.  I had no idea what to do and Whisper knew it.  I am always impressed with Gina and her daughter Sheena. The two of them are worth their weight in gold, and then some.Gina has given me the knowledge and confidence to start my three old KMSH filly “Fancy”.
Gina and her daughter have taken me from a “know nothing want-to-be rider “, to a 3 time champion.
You too could go from a sow’s ear to a silk purse! 
Donna Lee,Silverado's Fancy

"Whisper" and Donna Lee

"Whisper" and Donna Lee

"Fancy" KMH

"Gina Gardner is and has been my trainer for "Nearriver Missouri Shane" and myself. 
She is the best there is for gaited horses and for riders of gaited horses. 
Her ability to convey this knowledge to people and horses is just the 
greatest that there is. She has provided me and "Shane" with the ability to enjoy each other".
Jim Heaton & "SHANE"


"Gina has helped me so much with my horses that I can't say enough good things about her.  A few years ago I suffered a bad horse accident and she helped me regain my confidence with the same patience and kindness used with her horses.  She has trained several horses for me which include a Missouri Fox Trotter, a Mountain Horse and a Tennessee Walking Horse. Currently I am taking lessons with my MFT mare"Miss V"so we can continue our education and grow together. Over the last few years I have been able to observe Gina's work ethics first hand and how she always puts the horse first.  She always encouraged me to take the next step in my riding goals while remaining intuitive to the physical and mental needs of both me and my horse. So, no matter what your favorite breed may be, or whatever your riding skills are, I highly encourage you to meet Gina and her awesome mare,
"My Choklat Moose"...
Janice Regan and "Miss V"

"Taking lessons and going to Gina Gardner's clinics have given me the tools and skills that make it possible to further my horsemanship, and horse business.  I was riding a very nice dependable walker mare that paced when I started taking lessons.  She did a great job of carrying me in the trails, but I didn't know much about gait.I wanted to learn more so I could start a Rocky Mountain Horse breeding program and do a quality job of it.  Gina has helped me in starting the young Rocky fillies as they have come of age.  Gina put 30 days on my buckskin filly, and I was able to take her from there and to train and ride her on the trails up to being able to certify her for breeding.  Gina helped me build such good riding skills and confidence that I decided to purchase my buckskin mare's full brother "The Comet" pictured here, now a breeding stallion on my farm. Thanks Gina for helping me grow in my horse business." 
Cindy McDougal

"The Comet" RMH

 .              .

I have attended Gina's clinics and she has trained one of my horses.
She gave her a good start and now we are trail riding all over the state.
My mare is sure footed and smooth in gait.
Gina will train you, not only your horse.
Patty and Star, Utah

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