Jewels by Gina G

I live in Oregon where I design jewerly from natural stone and recycled metal. My background is in art and design. I spend each spring riding the buttes and canyons of Southern Utah, often finding inspiration in nature.

"Jewels by Gina G" is also the home of

"Glammo Ammo".

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Glammo Ammo

Working with so many lady shooters  and spending time on the range there is never a shortage of recycled brass.

I design many of my pieces around a focal point and add the brass as an accent.

Locally my jewelry is available at,

The Farmer's Wife Farm Store, Pleasant Hill, Or

295 Tactical Gun Shop, Springfield, Or

My stock changes often. If you are interested, contact me and I will send photos.

I also design custom pieces.

One of my favorite online store to shop at is The Desert Elk. 

They have many natural stone designed jewelry, woven blankets and rocks.

The Desert Elk